Boracay: Then and Now!

I envy my husband for being able to see the beauty of Boracay during the late 80’s with only nipa huts as their lodging. Look at how pristine the waters were… how clean the shores and how virgin the island was back then.

Boracay back in the 80s

(Photo courtesy: Pinas Dekada 80s)

Fast forward to present-day Boracay – Today, a significant part of Boracay’s waters are green with algae all season round. This is a photo my husband took when we were there last month. This was how the waters looked like at Station 1. The constant appearance of algae is an obvious sign of damage in the ecosystem. This is also a major health hazard. This was one of the main reasons why we opted not to swim at the beach. The risk of having e-coli was not worth the momentary dip.



What ever happened to the crystal-clear waters of Boracay?

Boracay is undoubtedly beautiful… but improper care/maintenance or lack of it will be its undoing as well as ours. We can’t expect others to do it for us. Boracay is ours. On our shoulders is the sole responsibility to keep it pristine and world-class.


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  1. Hi guys,

    just read your post and wanted to inform you about a few things, we’ve been living on the island since the 80’s and the green algae that you saw has always been there. It comes every year around for 1-2 months and is apart of boracays beauty. Everytime it comes it leaves the water crystal clear, think of it as natures cleaning system. Theres no ecoli in algae and no health hazard, infact the complete opposite, its a cleaning agent, most people swim in the algae, including us, its just grass and its so soft and good for your skin, next time you see it have a swim in it, trust me its very nice.

    1. Yes i agree with the comment above, i too am a long time resident of boracay and its just plain irresponsible to say that the algae is brought about by pollution. This algae has always been a feature every march to may. The water supply and sewage is getting better with the entry of boracay water (ayala) and more ordinances are being implemented by the current admin to keep the island clean.

  2. Sorry but green algae shows that there is excessive nutritients, coming from the sewing system, that was poorly made. Read this article:
    All Boracay people say it’s here for decades, but stop being blind:
    Sewage system has been made so that sewage waters go directly to the sea without any treatment
    Everywhere in the world green algae indicates a bad quality water.
    But Boracay white beach is saved by the wind in June
    But when the wind is on bulabog beach then algaes come back…

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