“Fantasy Pillows” & “Birds in Branch” Floor Lamp

Guess what arrived at my house yesterday courtesy of Mandaue Foam Furniture?

My “Fantasy Pillows” & “Birds in Branch” Floor Lamp! YAY!!!

Mandaue Foam's FANTASY PILLOWS and FLOOR LAMP (Birds In Branch)

Since I currently work at home now, I usually spend my time in either the bedroom or the living room.

These 4 soft, fluffy and comfy “Fantasy Pillows” are just perfect for relaxing while watching TV or finishing some blog posts and articles from the comforts of my bed!

Soft and comfy! Love it!

Working in the living room just got better because my new Mandaue Foam “Birds in Branch” floor lamp is positioned in a spot where it gives me just the right amount of light condusive for productive writing.

Awesome Floor Lamp! :)

So you see… Quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive all the time. Mandaue Foam is proof of this.

Check out Mandaue Foam’s showrooms and be amazed at how incredibly beautiful yet affordable these proudly Pinoy-made products are.


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  1. Marie Antoniette Rama says: Reply

    I haven’t bought anything yet or own any piece of item from Mandaue foam. Our house construction will start mid of this year, I will definitely visit your store. And own pieces that will complete our home sweet home.

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