French Macarons by Alchemy

During the 1980’s, the only macaroons I’ve ever known (and eat) were these:

As a matter of fact, whenever I pass by my favorite local bakeshop, I buy 2-3 packs of macaroons and devour it in minutes.

But, when a French guest of ours from my former workplace gave me a box of imported French Macaron, I died! I started to have a liking to (and actually loving) these small and sweet sandwich cookies. Good thing there’s a patisserie near our place where I can get a dozen macarons whenever I crave for it.

Recently, a box containing an assortment of macarons was delivered to my doorstep by Alchemy.


“Alchemy” creates macarons in a myriad of (pastel) colors and flavors, packed in a cutely designed box. Each box of 6 costs Php225.00.



The flavors of these macarons were the following: Green Tea White Chocolate, Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate, Coffee Caramel Ganache, Red Hots Ganache and my daughter’s personal favorite – Raspberry White Chocolate which is candy-sweet.

Of all 6 flavors, the Dark Chocolate Ganache (image below) is my personal choice! I am not a big fan of chocolates… so, I don’t go ga-ga over it. But this particular one hits the spot just right! Light and crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. Not too sweet yet not bland at all.
Apologies for the picture of the crumbly macaron. These delights are delicate ones… sensitive to temperature. I made the mistake of letting it sit on the table for quite a while before actually eating it. My bad. Heehee!


I just found an amazingly new place where I can get macarons. Thanks Alchemy!

To order, contact Meryl at 0917 8963795.


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  1. I LOVE MACARONS. I’m going to try these out. Do they deliver?

    1. Hi Marts! Not sure if they deliver already. Ill ask and let you know. 😉

  2. Hello. Do they have a branch in MOA?

    1. I’m not sure about that. You may call 09178963795. Thank you!

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