“Tita B’s Homemade Chicharon”

I love chicharon so much even if my husband calls it “a heart attack in a bag!” I would eat it anytime of the day. I’d eat it as is, dipping it in very spicy vinegar (Pinakurat particularly) or eat it as a main meal partnering it with steamed rice.

A former colleague of mine, Jenna, has a friend whom she calls, Tita B. She cooks the best chicharon in town. Though not for sale, we fondly call it, “Tita B’s Homemade Chicharon”… and boy, what a joy it is to munch on it all-day (not recommended, though! Hehehe!). A combination of skin and fat that is cooked perfectly!20120314-002829.jpg
Since it isn’t really for sale (like I mentioned earlier), I would usually ask Jenna to order it for us. “Tita B” prepares them only on a per order basis. Priced at Php370.00 per pack (it fits into a full gallon container), “Tita B’s Homemade Chicharon” is, on a gastronomical level, one for the record books!


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