My “Survivor Philippines” Experience (Part 1): Capari Resort – San Vicente, Palawan

San Vicente is nestled in the northwest of Palawan’s mainland and Southwest of Puerto Princesa. This municipality is accessible by bus & shuttle vans. While tricycles, motorcycles and boats are the usual mode of transportation within San Vicente.

I was fortunate enough to see magnificent San Vicente last October, 2011 when I went there as a “loved one” to visit my husband, Chuckie who was currently part of “Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles Showdown” as one of the castaways.

Honestly, the only thing that got me giddy was seeing my husband. The thought of going to a far and unknown place doesn’t excite me at all. Especially when I’ve already been to Puerto Princesa and Coron.

So, off we went to Palawan!

When we arrived at the Puerto Princesa airport, we were welcomed by Survivor Philippines’ production staff – Oswald Go and Joy Mendoza. They led us to our transport which will take us to San Vicente. During the trip, I slept, I woke-up, I ate and searched for my cellular network’s signal. That was my routine for 4 hours! The long, rough road was insane! It was like having a massage by a mad masseuse while riding a horse! Haha!

One of the 2 stop-overs during our trip.

It was past 7pm when we reached San Vicente. We were taken to a small inn immediately for briefing. Shortly after that, some of us were transferred to a private resort not so far away. The place was called, “Capari” – a beautiful boutique resort with 15 rooms located in the center of the emerald islands of San Vicente and near the Philippines’ longest 14.7 km white sand beach cove called, “Long Beach”. This was also the “base camp” for the Survivor Philippines production.

By the way, Capari Resort is now open to the public. Click here.

Since it was already dinner time, the place was pretty quiet and we could only hear the sound of the waves crashing the shore… This was our only view.

This area is the “Mess Hall” where our dinners were served. I had Swiss cheese and ham sandwich with potato wedges – it was absolutely divine!

By 12mn, we called it a night. I stayed in a cute, air-conditioned room with hot and cold shower. Simple, clean and cozy.

This is how it looks like outside during the day.

Capari walkway.

After having a sumptuous breakfast, I decided to stroll around. I thought I won’t be able to appreciate the place. But look at the awesomeness that beheld my eyes!

A private paradise one can call his/her own. WOW.

Pristine waters.

Coconut trees surrounding the “Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles Showdown” Tribal Council area.

The shore with a bangkero and his ride nearby.

A breathtaking view of nature.

Fun in the sand.

Fully grown coconut trees everywhere.

This is where Richard Gutierrez stayed. This is the closest cottage to the shore.

The “castaway” and the “loved one”.

(Photo courtesy of Oswald Go)

Truly… as I look around, I realize more and more… It really is more fun in the Philippines!

UP NEXT: Part 2 of my “Survivor Philippines” experience!

How to get there:

AIR60-minute flights Manila to Puerto Princesa

*Note: Another 4-hour trip by land to San Vicente.

From Puerto Princesa to San Vicente:

Private Van –

Private van for a maximum of 8 persons at Php7,500.00 per way is available.

Public Transportation:

From Puerto Princesa City, take a tricycle to bring you to the New Terminal in San Jose. Proceed to the Roxas-Port Barton-San Vicente Terminal. Public shuttle vans or buses is available to take you to San Vicente straight to “Capari Resort”.

San Vicente,Palawan website:

Quick Facts:


San Vicente’s dry season begins in December, lasting until the month of May while the onset of the wet or rainy season is in June, usually drying up again in November.


Light and loose clothing is recommended.


Filipino (Tagalog), however, remains the dominant lingua franca.

Mode of Transportation

San Vicente is accessible by bus & shuttle vans, from several points; directly from Puerto Princesa City, or via Roxas. Within San Vicente, tricycles, motorcycles, and outrigger boats are the usual mode of transportation.


There are five barangays which are partly served by electricity. The present source of electricity are a 1 unit 500 KW, 1 unit 250 KW and 1 unit 160 KW generating sets operated by National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) which is sold to consumers through Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO). Serving 16 hours daily from 8:00 am to 12 midnight.


There are two (2) telecommunication companies, SMART and GLOBE which have installed cell sites. Likewise cable and internet connection is already available in Barangays Poblacion, Alimanguan and Port Barton.


Island Hopping, Picnic, Jet Ski, Snorkeling, Wakeboarding, Hiking and Running Trails, Mountain Bike and Scooter rentals.

(Quick Facts:


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