“It’s More Fun In The Philippines”

Department of Tourism Secretary Mon Jimenez launched the new Tourism campaign and logo today.


I love the new Tourism logo. Very Pinoy. Personally, the “banig look” symbolizes how tightly-knit Filipinos are with one another (not to mention our unparalleled attachment to our families)… while the different colors represent the multi-cultured race we have, as well as our diverse yet awesome festivities and delicious (sometimes outrageous) dishes.

Our country is a wonderful place filled with sights, sounds and exhilarating thrills that will fill you with awe and amazement.

Fun. Indeed. More so… here in the Philippines.

Visit: Its More Fun In The Philippines


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2 Replies to ““It’s More Fun In The Philippines””

  1. i support this! It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines! Cheers to Sec. Jimenez! Good Job!

    1. Hello hello!

      Yes, its more fun in the Philippines! Food,people,places… Name it and we have it! 🙂

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