“Halva” – A deliciously different after meal sweet made from sesame seeds dusted with cinnamon powder. It has a peanut-buttery taste that is not too sweet and its “kunat” (chewiness) reminds me of nougat. Perfect to nibble on with hot tea or brewed coffee.

We tried an incarnation of Halva at Arya Persian Restaurant-Promenade Greenhills where we also had the pleasure of meeting the owner Dr. Karami or “Shin” (I hope I got the spelling right). During a lengthy (but interesting) casual talk with Shin after dinner, he offered us this dessert which he says is not locally made. They apparently order this yummy delicacy from Iran.

I enjoy eating Mediterranean food perhaps because of my (somewhat faint) Persian blood. I love how Persian food is carefully prepared… from its flavor, color and presentation, to the mixture of different spices that somehow don’t overpower each other’s taste.

So, if you’re at the Greenhills Shopping Complex, try Arya. I personally recommend the Beef Koobideh and Beef Barg with Basmati Rice. They also serve wonderful gourmet vegetable dishes for

Sidenote: Some of you might be wondering why the owner has the title, “doctor” prefixed to his name? Shin happens to be a licensed dentist
as well as his wife who is a Persian-Filipina turned chef. 🙂

Contact Details:

Unit L-9 Promenade Mall,
Greenhills,San Juan City
T: 994 4879 / 584 6266
Website: www.aryapersianrestaurant.com


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