Villa Khristalene

(This is part 2 of the 4-part “Pop Talk” blog series)


Villa Khristalene Resort is located in Talisay Batangas right by the Taal Lake where you’ll enjoy the lake and volcano’s enchanting view!

Overlooking Taal Volcano

According to their Operations Manager, Mr. Jun Rivera, Villa Khristalene Resort, which opened last 2006, was named after the owner’s late daughter.  It has 24 rooms from Single Economy for 2 persons to Premiere Suite for 6 persons.  All rooms are fully air-conditioned with cabled television and has its own private toilet and bathroom.  Each room is inclusive of free breakfast and complimentary bottled water.  If you are checked-in, you can use the tables, nipa hut, small and big pavilions and gazebo for free.

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We were served piping hot authentic Batangas Bulalo that was just absolutely divine!  They even prepared different kinds of Tilapia dishes – Sarciado, Grilled and Ginataan – one of which had the fish that I myself caught!  I also got to enjoy a Caldereta like dish that had very tender meat which reminded me of my grandmother’s cooking.  I just couldn’t stop myself from getting more  rice!

I was so stuffed that I needed to work out the next day to burn everything off!


What I enjoyed most about Villa Khristalene was that I was able to fish for the 1st time and caught a big Tilapia! And what’s cool about it is that they will actually cook the caught fishes for you.  Fresh fish straight from the lake to your plate!


Aira Bermudez and Ernest Arcilla while waiting for their fishing rods.


While waiting for your food to be cooked, you can play billiards or stretch your vocal chords on their videoke machine!

You can rent a boat to Taal Volcano for only Php1,500.00 – round trip good for 7 persons.

This big pavilion can be used for private functions. This is, however, the part of the resort that I don’t like!  You’ll see floating trash in the lake that is very visible from this area. I just hope that management will do something about this.  It’s not just an eyesore, but also a cause of water pollution!  MAJOR TURN-OFF!


You can also go swimming…
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Or make a few hoop shots!
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For services, facilities and value for money, we gave Villa Khristalene Resort “6 Pop Points”!



3rd and last stop: Estancia Resort Hotel

**Pop Talk: Tuesday Nights at 10pm (GMANewsTV)


Contact Details:

Brgy. Leynes Talisay Batangas, Philippines
T: Batangas (043) 773 0148 / (02) 542 6018
CP No.: (63) 919 687 4906 / (63) 999 611 4848
E: [email protected]


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