Taal Lake and Volcano

Hearing about Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste’s desire to put a “Batangas” signage similar to L.A.’s famous “Hollywood” sign saddens me. I’ve been to Taal just recently and I enjoyed the wonderful scenery while traversing the lake.

Taal Lake and volcano doesn’t need any landmark that will identify it as part of Batangas. Let us just keep Taal’s natural beauty.


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  1. geryk genaskey says: Reply

    i just wanna say that for me.. it would be fine… just that its not totaly positioned at the center,.. maybe a little off centered.. then dancing lights can be installed to put brightness even at night like in hongkong’s buildings =)

    1. Thanks for visiting my site,Geryk. I respect your opinion but let’s just preserve Taal’s natural beauty. 😉

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