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Nomnomnom Happy FoodI enjoy dining in restaurants which have that homey and cozy setting… an intimate ambiance that momentarily takes you away from the metropolis’ hustle and bustle.  Most hole-in-the-wall restaurants I’ve chanced upon have that kind of feel!  One perfect example of this is a hidden establishment called, “Nomnomnom”.  This pleasantly quaint food spot is quietly located at the lower ground level of a building situated at the corner of T. Morato and E. Rodriguez Sr. streets in QC (beside Shell Gas Station).  You can either park in front of the building along T. Morato or you can opt to avail of the pay parking area behind it.

The place is quite difficult to locate if you’re a first timer, but I guarantee you… the effort of scouring the area for the restaurant is well worth it.

Nomnomnom serves what they call, “happy food”.  Healthy recipes hardly found in any other place.

Stairway going down Nomnomnom

This is the stairway going down Nomnomnom (on your left with a lighted signage) and a big parking area at the back.

Entrance of the air-conditioned room

This shot was taken inside the air-conditioned room.  Outside the sliding door is the smoking area.

"Day Bed"

“Day Bed” where you can lounge while waiting for your food to be served. 

According to my husband who has already dined here with our kids, they serve in hefty proportions.  They don’t offer pork/beef dishes, but their wide array of delicious and ingenious chicken, fish, shrimps, soya and green fares more than make up for it.

Here is what we ordered:

Squashing Pumpkins


Squashing Pumpkins with a slice of Focaccia bread (Php90.00)

A classic Creamy Squash Soup with bits of pumpkin.  A little salt & pepper would make this soup perfect.

Mozzarella Sticks


Mozzarella Sticks (Php150.00)

Breaded mozzarella sticks with salsa and garlic yogurt dip.  About 6 sticks that you will surely enjoy.  Try dipping it  in salsa and yogurt together… Heaven!  Perfect for kids!

Main Entrée

Lime Chicken with Alfredo Sauce

Lime Chicken with Alfredo Sauce (Php160.00)

Chicken breast in lime and rosemary marinade and smothered in Alfredo Sauce.  It comes with Spring Onion Rice and Buttered Beans.  The tanginess of lime with the hint of rosemary perfectly  compliments the creaminess and sweetness of the Alfredo sauce.  But the chicken breast’s tenderness left me wanting.  Over-all, it was good.

Crispy Tofu Skin

Crispy Tofu Skin (Php130.00)

Deep fried tofu skin with pureed Shitake Mushroom Sauce served on top of Nori Rice.  I was amazed at how the tofu was incredibly prepared and presented!  This was an absolute hit!  Crunchy on the outside but it retained the moist chewiness of the tofu on the inside.  The pureed Shitake mushroom sauce inside the Nori Rice has a strong yet sweet flavor – the perfect sauce for this dish.  The stir fried beans come as an add-on to this meal.

Iced Tea

A pitcher of Iced Tea good for 4glasses (Php130.00)

Prices are VAT inclusive and 70% of their menu is vegetarian.

Other Services Offered:

  • Takes Reservations
  • Walk-Ins
  • Take Out
  • Catering

BUDGET: P200-250.00 per person

For directions, you may use this map for reference:

Nomnomnom MAP


Contact Details:

Unit 2, Lower G/F, GYY Bldg.,
1 Tomas Morato cor. E. Rodriguez Ave.
Quezon City, Philippines
T: (632) 502 2919
E: [email protected]
Facebook page:
Twitter: @NomHappyFood


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