Why I prefer Chicken Charlie over Bon Chon Chicken?

Here is why I prefer Chicken Charlie over Bon Chon Chicken any day.

Bon Chon Chicken tasted like cardboard without the skin – no taste and dry.  The crunchiness of the skin did not even make up for it.Bon Chon

Combo with (3) Drumsticks and (6) Wings at Php365.00
(We ordered spicy glaze for 3-pcs wings)

I find Chicken Charlie to be more flavorful (and enjoyable) than Bon Chon Chicken.  Even if you eat  the skin and meat separately, the flavor is evenly distributed in every part of the chicken.

Chicken Charlie

Combo 4 with (4) Drumsticks & (4) Wings for Php288.00

I made a table below that pits off both chicken specialties against one another (1-5 stars; 5 stars being the highest).  This may or may not be akin to your taste but I am pretty confident that, if you’ve tasted both dishes, you will agree with my personal ratings:

Chicken Charlie


Bon Chon

*tasty chicken meat




*without the skin,it is bland and dry




*they have a bone bin
**uses paper plates



*uses plastic plates
*uses toothpicks as indicator for spicy chicken




*about 20 minutes waiting time



*short waiting time

Those who say Bon Chon Chicken is the best tasting “twice-cooked” chicken, you probably haven’t tried Chicken Charlie yet.


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