A SMART Way To Earn Tickets and Treats!

Being a foodie and a traveler, I enjoy all sorts of recreation. One of my main outlets when I feel like kicking back and relaxing is finding a good flick that’s currently showing at the mall… I immediately head over there and just immerse myself in it while enjoying a yummy tub of buttery popcorn. In case you didn’t know, I am an absolute popcorn junkie. I revel in its hot, crunchy, saltiness only when I’m in the cinema (It’s quite different when you eat it at home, don’t you think?).

Who doesn’t love this universal pastime? Movies, soda and popcorn… it’s the fastest way to escape from all the stress and hullabaloo of the real world.

Now, what if I told you that you can get these wonderful perks for free? Wouldn’t that be doubly awesome?! Got your attention, didn’t I?

You’d be SMART enough to read through this entire entry to find out how… and it ain’t difficult at all.

Currently, Smart Communications in partnership with SM Cinema has an awesome ongoing promo for its loyal customers and subscribers.

All SMART Gold, SMART Buddy and SMART Bro subscribers, listen up cause this is for all of YOU.

Presenting, Smart’s ”Tickets and Treats via bCODE”!

Freebies are insanely easy to avail… simply accumulate points for every load top-up you make and with every peso charged to your Smart account. With these accumulated reward points, you earn the chance to bag these free and amazing movie treats:

Movie Tickets






Movie Discount Coupons

P100 OFF MOVIE DISCOUNT COUPONS available in all SM Cinema branches nationwide

What is bCODE?

bCODE is the newest innovation of SM Cinema, wherein you can redeem movie tickets, food and drink through your mobile phones via an alphanumeric code.

I strongly recommend that you click this link to know more of Smart’s TICKETS AND TREATS via bCODE


Earning points is effortless since all you have to do is just keep on using your SMART Gold, SMART Buddy and SMART Bro accounts to get more and more points!

To date, Smart has over 45 million subscribers already. If you aren’t one them yet, then you’re missing out on a whole world of amazing stuff.

Throughout my travels and encounters with other kababayans, I’ve always noticed how Pinoys fondly say, “Laging masarap ang libre”. I’d usually laugh but eventually realize that it is indeed true.

…and Smart knows this to be true as well. (Yipee!)

Movies, drinks and popcorn all within reach… and all for free!

Simply Amazing, isn’t it? 🙂


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