Puerto Princesa, Palawan

I was able to see and enjoy the beauty of Puerto Princesa for a few days with my college friends.  Here are some of the  pictures I was able to take during our trip.

White sand… Magnificent landscape… Also known as the “The Last Frontier”, Puerto Princesa is an absolute BEAUTY!

Pardon the appearance of the images below.  They aren’t in the best condition.

Honda Bay Ticket Pass

By the Shore

Taking a Dip

A picture of us taking a dip  beside our bangka before traversing the bay.

Honda Bay

A classic postcard view of Honda Bay

Snake Island

This winding sand bar is called Snake Island.  It is also noted for it’s lovely shells.  And if you plan to snorkel, make sure to bring bread to feed the fishes with!  BREATHTAKING!

Snake Island via Google Maps.jpg The picture above is from Google Maps.  It shows Snake Island’s lengthy and elongated shape which is the main reason why it is called such.

Snake Island 2

Nipa huts behind us are available for tourists to use.  We were tired, sun-burned but happy!


My STARFISHY-FISHY at Starfish Island!

Underground River

Inside Underground

Subterranean River National Park – Unesco World Heritage Site

Nominated as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.  This is also home to millions of bats with magnificent rock formations of stalagmite and stalactite and several large chambers.

The best time to go and see the Subterranean River National Park is between March and May as the weather is drier.  The tour inside the cave lasts about 45 minutes.

To vote: http://www.puerto-undergroundriver.com/

With so many sites to see and activities to engage in, 3-days spent in Puerto Princesa was not enough.  Eating on the island is an absolute treat.  Walking around the white sandy beaches is perfect bliss!  Before you leave Puerto Princesa, do not forget to stop by the local/souvenir shops.  Bring home treats, wooden art and hand-woven items.  Income generated by theses establishments help ethnic tribes.  Let us support the local industry.


Quick Facts:


Sunny and hot.
March to May – warmest months
December to February – coolest months


Cuyunon, Tagalog, Ilonggo, Cebuano, English

Banking Facilities

Banks are scattered around the province

Mode of Transportation

Jeepneys, tricycles, tricycle rickshaw which can be hired and motorcycle taxis that can be easily hailed in the the city.  


Light and loose clothing is recommended.  For the beach: shorts, slippers, swimsuit and sunblock lotions with high SPF. 


Practice ecological responsibility. Please do not litter or collect plants and animals.


Insect repellant is a must and an adequate supply of your personal prescription medications and water!


Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co./Pilipino Telephone Company; Smart Communications; Globe Telecom and Bayantel.  Cellular phone service is available. You can also find internet service in some hotels and internet cafes.


Power is provided by the National Power Corporation through the Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO) and Bususanga Island Electric Cooperative (BISELCO). Power capacity: Land-based – 15,032 kw; island – 3,608 kw and power geberated by city city – based Paragua Power Plant – 16,000 kw


Hall of Fame Awardee as Cleanest and Greenest Component City


Where to stay:

The Legend Palawan

Address: Malvar Street, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 5300 Philippines
Website: http://www.legendpalawan.com.ph/

Central Reservations:

Telephone . (632) 702-2700 to 04 and 0917.7022700
Facsimile . (632) 638-9255 and (632) 702-2780
E-mail . [email protected]
Website . www.legendhotels.com.ph

Manila Sales Office:

60 Pioneer corner Madison Streets, Mandaluyong City 1550, Philippines
Telephone . (632) 702-2706 to 10 / 7022715
Facsimile . (632) 638-8396


Telephone . (63-48) 434-4270
Facsimile . (63-48) 434-4276 / 433-9078


How to get to Puerto Princesa:

AIR  Manila to Puerto Princesa takes a little over an hour

SEA Manila to Puerto Princesa is a 22-hour trip

Going to Honda Bay Island:

Honda Bay Island is located at Sta. Lourdes Tagbanua, Puerto Princesa City.  The wharf of Sta. Lourdes is 25minutes away from the city using a Jeepney.  Here, you can hire pump boats that will take you to the island of your choice.  If you want the fastest way to reach Honda Bay Island, take the  Barrio Tagburos route. Boats to the islands can be rented in Tagburos.  Please note that some islands require an entrance fee.


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  1. This one is on my bucket list… The only question is that when I could visit the very lovely place… Very nice post…

    1. Thank you! You should visit Palawan! 🙂

  2. […] has always been a favorite local destination of mine. I’ve been to Puerto Princesa quite a few times already as well as Coron and San Vicente. The beautiful scenic spots, great food […]

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