Galileo Enoteca

Galileo Enoteca or when translated, “Italian Wine Library” opened its doors to the public last September 2005. It has that “hole-in-the-wall establishment” feel which, in a way, immediately endears it to you.

EntranceThe place is very rustic with banquet-styled wooden tables and wine bottles on every wall giving you that semblance of a cellar.  You will find yourself squeezing your way from one dimly lighted chamber to the next.  Very intimate and cozy.
Panoramic Shot


As we were going through the menu, we were each given a hearty cup of delicious Cabbage Soup and a generous plate of Semi-Toasted Sour Dough Bread with a wonderful selection of dips (Chicken Liver Paté, Pesto and Pureed Tomato).
Cabbage Soup

I was fondly partial towards the Chicken Liver Paté because it has always been a favorite of mine, other than the fact that I happen to also make my own version of it – my mother-in-law’s recipe, actually.

Sour Dough Bread with Asstd DipsGalileo’s Chicken Liver Paté is so moist, you can actually taste the freshness of the liver.  The basil’s taste is very evident without overpowering the flavor of the chicken liver itself.  I personally enjoyed the chunky texture of the paté.  The Pesto dip tastes like your usual pesto sauce for pasta. While the Pureed Tomato dip’s uncomplicated taste easily washes off the strong flavor of the other dips. 

Oh! The soup and the bread with dips are all complimentary, by the way.

For our dinner, we had:
Risotto with Saffron & Parmiggiano

Risotto with Saffron & Parmiggiano (Php350.00)

This is one dish which I don’t have the patience cooking.  So, whenever we dine out and Risotto’s on the menu, I usually go for it.  I immediately fell in love with Galileo’s Risotto with Saffron & Parmiggiano the moment I first tasted it!  I love how the lemony flavor of the Risotto mixes with the saffron’s bittersweet taste and parmiggiano’s sharp, fruity/nutty accent.  It’s quite hard to put saffron’s flavor into words.  You can easily distinguish the distinct flavor of the saffron, yet it does not overpower the entire dish.  This meal is a guaranteed winner!

Quick fact: Did you know that Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world?

Spaghetti ala PescatoraSpaghetti ala Pescatora (tomatoes, squid, shrimp, clams  & mussels) (Php350.00)

This particular pasta dish is a delight to the palette.  The aftertaste of the red sauce alone gives you a wonderful hint of the sea.  The shrimp, mussels, clams and squid are superbly cooked and does not leave you wanting at all.  Absolutely divine!

Bevande (Beverage):
Coke Zero & Coke Light. 

Wine is also served.

What I like about this place apart from its  good food and ambiance, are their servers.  They know every dish on the menu and explain it in detail.  Fran, our server that evening, described the items on the menu which weren’t familiar to us “with gusto”!  When you have servers with good dispositions, it significantly changes your whole dining experience.  Kudos to Galileo Enoteca for instilling passion and competence which is evidently seen in their employees!

If you love sausages and cheese like me, you may choose from their wide selection in their Deli shop by the entrance.

Assorted Sausages


If by chance you are a wine enthusiast, they also have Italian Wines to choose from.

Italian Wines

They also sell pasta, canned tomatoes and other goods.

Pasta and Sauces area

Galileo Enoteca accepts pre-ordered  Raviolis (Con Spinaci and Parmiggiano al Ragu or Con Quattro Formaggi A’larrabiata) for take-out, delivery or even dine-in as long as you place the order 2 days in advance. 

By the way, I got the chance to meet the daughter of the owner (Mr. Gaetano Vitrano), Vanessa – a charming and sweet lady who is half Italian and half-Filipina.  She manages the restaurant.

Vanessa Vitrano and I

For our next visit, a platter of assorted cold cuts, Grana Padano and a bottle of wine perhaps.

Galileo Enoteca was a fabulous dining experience!  Grazie!

Should you want to visit this highly recommended establishment, you may use the map below for reference.


BUDGET: Php350-Php450 per person


Contact Details:

Galileo Enoteca – Italian Wines Specialist
Address:  Reyes Gym, G/F
Calbayog St., cor. Malinao St.,
Mandaluyong City
T: 532 0482
F: 534 4633
E: [email protected]


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  1. Hi , ask if we still need to make a reservation when coming to your store?.. and are you open on 24th of 25th of dec.??


    1. Hello!

      Please contact Galileo Enoteca directly at: 5320482 or e-mail them at: [email protected]. Thanks! 🙂

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