BQ Bar + Bistro

If you happen to be along Jose Abad Santos Drive in the San Juan area, and you want to try the BQ Bar + Bistro Restaurant, be forewarned! Their Veggie Burger with Portabello and Shitake mushrooms with original BQ glaze and lots and lots of potato chips will disappoint you! My Php190.00 just went down the drain!BQ Bar + Bistro

I was expecting a considerable size of juicy mushroom patty for its price. But hell no! It only had pathetic slices of mushrooms with a wilted lettuce to compliment it! The Oatmeal Bun was even as hard and flaky as a day old bread! When I opened the bun, I couldn’t find the mushroom patty! The patty was covered with lots of glazed onions and mozzarella cheese. I did not expect to pay for something like this! Veggie Burger

Personally, they should rename it to (measly, hard-to-find) Mushroom Burger instead of Veggie Burger! Or maybe, “Oatmeal Bun with a dash of Mushroom flavoring”.

Seriously, it was a waste of good money!!! Seriously!

Oh! I forgot to mention, they use IKEA utensils. Maybe that’s why their meal is so expensive!IKEA

Note that I cannot conclusively say that all other dishes that they serve are just as disappointing. Sad to say, ill never know because I am never going to set foot on that establishment again.MENU

BQ – Bad Quality!


Contact Details:
1E G&L Bldg., Jose Abad Santos Drive, San Juan City


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12 Replies to “BQ Bar + Bistro”

  1. that burger (if you can call it that) sure looks unappetizing… πŸ™

    1. And they claim it’s juicy and fresh. Fail on all levels! πŸ™

  2. My food experience in BQ’s totally the opposite as yours, best porkchop and shrimp pops I ever tasted! Never tried the veggie burger.

    1. Good for you. Maybe some of their dishes are way better than others. But still… The Veggie burger is just plain highway robbery. πŸ™‚

      1. Hayley Cantrell says: Reply

        I haven’t tried the porkchop but shrimp pops are thumbs up!

  3. Hayley Cantrell says: Reply

    We’d also tried their Veggie Burger but not that like as yours.

    1. Good to know that you didn’t share the same fate we had. Oh well… Maybe food was better way back then during the time you dined there. πŸ™‚

      1. Hayley Cantrell says: Reply

        We always go there every weekends with my hubby. And the same burger to dine. I’m not sure if the lettuces that we’ve been eaten were wilted. I remember the last time we went there that my hubby told me that he likes the taste of fresh greens of their burger. Wahaha maybe you’ve got the wrong time going there.

        1. Yeah… Could be bad timing. Or it also could be due to Holy Week (substitute cook, maybe?). Oh well… we might try giving it another go next time. Probably a different dish or the same burger just to compare. πŸ™‚

          1. Hayley Cantrell says:

            You’re right! Maybe the Chef was on his Holy Week vacation. Good luck for your next visit. Hope that you’ll not get disappointed again on their dishes. I suggests for you to try their other dish. I’ll come again here at your page to follow more ideas.

  4. Ditas Tolentino says: Reply

    Hi. I’m surprised to read about your experience, but I’ve been ordering their VEGGIE BURGER and so far I am always HAPPY with my order. In fact, my girls like it too. Maybe you should go back and give it another try?

    1. Great to hear that. Like I said in one of my previous replies, my dismal encounter with BQ happened on April 20, 2011 (Holy Wednesday) which was, for most, the last day before the long Holy Week break. Perhaps they had a substitute cook back then? I don’t know. Hopefully, if and when I go back, their other dishes may help erase my previous disappointing experience. Who knows! When that happens, I’ll be sure to post another review here. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment, Ditas. Hope you keep coming back. Cheers! πŸ™‚

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