Summer Getaway 101

These are my personal summer getaway tips.  You may find them useful:

1. Water – Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!Bottled Water

2. Sunblock – Make sure to apply sunblock protection 15minutes before sun exposure and reapply at frequent intervals.  Look for sweatproof and waterproof sunblock lotions.  The higher the SPF,the better!  I go for Beach Hut.  Why?  Cause it’s not lotion.  Lotion gets sticky when you sweat.  Beach Hut smells great,too.  Check-out their website: http://lotionsucks.comBeach Hut Products

3. Shades/Sunglasses – It will protect your eyes by keeping out harmful ultraviolet or UV light.  Choose a pair that will:
A) Block out 85% of sunlight; and
B) Look for the tint/shade that only allows 15% of light through.
C) Compliment your face.
If you keep these tips in mind, you will keep your eyes safe and look good,too!  You can ask your friendly Optometrist for help as well.Ray Ban

4. Hat – To protect your head and face from too much heat.  For the ladies, get the big,fashionista straw type colored hats.  It will not only keep your head well ventilated, but you’ll also look amazingly good with it!  And for the men, you can use the cool visor type in pastel colors.

For the women:The Tummy Traveler

For  the men:

Visor Hat

5. First Aid Kit – Never leave home without one!  First Aid Kit

6. Mobile Phone Chargers – A dead mobile phone serves no purpose. Mobile Phone Charger

7. Camera – To capture those unforgettable moments of your summer adventure.Camera

Remember, a fun vacation starts with safety!


Enjoy your getaway!


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