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Cookbook KitchenCookbook Kitchen (or “CBK” to others) used to be a simple, hole-in-the-wall establishment located in one of the quieter side streets of Mandaluyong City.  Formerly just a lone bistro with a good number of patrons who know how to locate the place by heart. 

It has now branched out to Eastwood, Quezon City and San Fernando, Pampanga.

My husband and I have witnessed how Cookbook Kitchen has grown from its humble beginnings… how they slowly improved and created new dishes  to suit even the most discriminating palette.Cozy and Homey For people not familiar with Mandaluyong’s twists and turns, it can be a bit of a challenge to locate this fine place.  But once you’ve reached it and have tasted a few of their specialties, you’d immediately realize that combing the city to find the Cookbook Kitchen was well worth it.

Iced TeaCookbook Kitchen is close to our hearts not just because of the wonderful food.  Neither is it because it’s merely a stone’s throw away from our place.  It’s also due to the fact that the owners of the place are good friends of ours.  Carlo Capati (son of “Tito Gen” – CBK’s head chef/and Tita Liza Capati  – the person who mans the cash register)  and I go way back.  We used to be classmates during our college days.  He happens to be the owner  of “C3 Gym” which is conveniently situated just beside the restaurant.  Carlo is also the personal trainer of my husband.

Cookbook Kitchen’s carefully planned menu is neither too heavy nor too light.  You’ll also probably notice that a few of their desserts are fondly named after some of the family members.CBK Menu

A typical dinner by our family at CBK would probably consist of the following selections: Cream of Squash Soup (Php120.00), a choice between  Gen’s Steak (Php350.00) or  Kielbasa Sausage served with Pizzaiola Sauce with Rice (Php300.00), Gen's SteakCreamy Shrimp Linguine (Php250.00), Baked Parmesan Crusted White Fish (Php280.00) – A must try!  Creamy Shrimp Linguine And of course my favorite, Kittin’s Scarlet Cake (Php100.00-Petite Size/Php160.000-Regular Size).  Aside from ordering a slice after a full meal, I would order 1 more slice to bring it home!Kittin's Scarlet CakeMy kids and I love almost any kind of food that has cream or white sauce in it.  Hence, the frequent partiality on cream-based selections whenever the family dines.

Cookbook Kitchen is growing fast indeed… and rightfully so!  Good food should not be kept hidden.  Feast on sumptuous comfort food, enjoy the cozy ambience and hospitality… then afterwards, be dumbfounded… The Tummy Traveler

…dumbfounded as to why you’ve never discovered this fantastic restaurant a long time ago!


BUDGET: P200 – P499 per person



Contact Details:

Main Branch

8 Socorro Fernandez Street, Mandaluyong City 1550
724-3595 or 381-5935


Eastwood City Branch
1880-A Bldg., Eastwood City, QC.


Pampanga Branch
Greenfields Square, Km 76 McArthur Highway, Sindalan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
(045) 455-1252 or 455-1259


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  2. Thanks much Aileen! ~ KITTIN

    1. Hi Kittin! You’re most welcome. You know naman that I’m so in love with all your dishes especially your super yummy Scarlet Cake! 🙂

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