F1 Hotel Manila

For me, the perfect staycation doesn’t have to be a place far from home or away from the metro. Just as long as your escape to a place within the metro is one that is hassle-free and consumes minimal petrol. You might ask, “Is that even possible to find within a traffic-laden place like Metro […]

The Next Big Food Entrepreneur!

I recently had the opportunity to taste some of the dishes that were sampled by professional and amateur food entrepreneurs at “The Next Big Food Entrepreneur Challenge” by Entrepreneur Philippines held at Mercato Centrale. This event hopes to provide opportunities to aspiring food entrepreneurs. I am ready for some serious eating! It was participated by […]

Infinity Tutorial Services

What is Infinity Tutorial Services or I.T.S.? Infinity Tutorial Services (I.T.S.) is committed to developing the kids of today into the global citizens of tomorrow. I.T.S. experienced tutors, along with a teaching methodology that makes use of state of the art technology, will mold and sharpen these young minds so that they not only retain […]