Pampanga Food Tour x Electrolux

We all know that Pampanga is known for its sumptous food and flavorful dishes. Kapampangans really spend a good amount of time in the kitchen preparing any kind dish – It doesn’t matter if it’s simple or complex. Last week, we were toured by Electrolux for their Discover-E kitchen campaign to promote and re-discover Filipino […]

Cookbook Kitchen

Cookbook Kitchen (or “CBK” to others) used to be a simple, hole-in-the-wall establishment located in one of the quieter side streets of Mandaluyong City.  Formerly just a lone bistro with a good number of patrons who know how to locate the place by heart. 

Razon’s of Guagua

Nothing takes me back to the hot summer days of my childhood like sitting in the garden while eating ice-cream, a good sundae with toppings or a halo-halo. Guilty pleasures that are difficult to resist! And on hot nostalgic days, “Razon’s” Halo-Halo is always on my yumminess list. But Razon’s isn’t just about Halo-Halo. “Razon’s […]