Julie’s Biscuits – Truly love at first bite in Malaysia!

If you’re like me who loves frequenting groceries and food bazaars, I’m sure you’ve already seen Julie’s Biscuits. It’s very likely you’ve probably also tasted some of the products that Julie’s Biscuits manufactures. But here’s a fun fact which you probably didn’t know… Julie’s Biscuits (Malaysia) and Julie’s Bakeshop (Philippines) are actually not the same […]

When in Selangor… Eat! Eat! Eat! (Part 3)

Discovering one’s place is never complete without trying out the food. And what better way to experience this than eating these Malaysian dishes where it actually originated from. Selangor, Malaysia is like where I came from, the Philippines. Multi and lavish culture, wonderful people and amazing food! During my short stay in Selangor, I have […]