Magosaburo X Ala Carte Menu

When you hear Magosaburo, what comes to mind? Wagyu. Kaiseki. Fancy. Expensive. My advice‚Ķ don’t be intimidated by its appearance and reputation. Yes, they are known to specialize in Wagyu Kaiseki (course meal) and wine pairing but Magosaburo now has an ala carte menu that’s priced quite reasonably AND you still get that top-grade Japanese […]

Mago Wine Lounge

I’m no wine expert nor do I claim to be one. But I am slowly beginning to like wine more and more. Could it be the age? Or an influence by people I’ve been hanging out with lately? Perhaps. Whatever reason, wine is something I am starting to enjoy. So, when Abigail Tabuchi-Sumida, President of […]

Magosaburo Now in Manila!

Magosaburo is finally in Manila! The first Japanese Restaurant in the heart of Bonifacio Global City that specializes in Wagyu Kaiseki (course meal) and Wine Pairing. Magosaburo aims to showcase how select wines can masterfully enhance the taste of their premier cuisine. Fresh-faced restaurateur¬†Abigail Tabuchi-Sumida,¬†President of INSHOCK Philippines (the exclusive franchise distributor of Magosaburo) and […]