This. Is. The. Bomb! Wendy’sBBQnator has soft and juicy beef patties with onion rings deliciously deep fried to perfection to add that *crrrrrrrunch* and texture! It’s a gastronomical party in my mouth! Two (2) juicy quarter pound 100% pure beef patties, 6 strips of bacon, 2 slices of American cheese with their own blend of […]

The Grand Makati Sale!

Why travel far and wide for the best bargains when you can get it in THE GRAND MAKATI SALE! Calling all shopaholics!!! To celebrate Makati‚Äôs 341st anniversary, incredible bargains of up to 70% off can be had from the latest and hottest apparel, accessories, jewelry and electronics, right down to the most awesome furniture, office […]


While scouring Greenbelt 3 in Makati for a place to eat, “Marciano’s” cozy ambiance with its New York-Italian atmosphere caught our eye. Little did we know that our simple, impromptu visit would be laden with a few disappointments (I’ll get to that in a bit).