Happy Birthday, Charlie!

I am surprised to know that there’s still quite a number of people who haven’t tried Chicken Charlie yet – considering how popular this fast-growing food chain has become. Oh boy, are you missing a lot! Chicken Charlie introduced the first soy garlic double-fried chicken in the Philippines way back in 2010.  I learned about […]

Wang Fu Cafe

It has been quite a while since my last Singapore trip and it feels bad when you crave for food we don’t have here in Manila like good Singapore Chicken Rice. And though we have several Singaporean restaurants in the metro already (that’s a good thing!), you really still have to check which of these […]

Chicken Stew

My husband is back to his strict chicken-no-pork-no-beef-no-carb-during-dinner-diet for the past 2 weeks in preparation for his upcoming TV series. He can only partake of either fish or chicken dishes. The problem with that (apart from slowly growing wings ourselves – LOL!) is running out of chicken recipes to prepare. Since, chicken is always available […]

My “Survivor Philippines” Experience (Part 3): “Haim Chicken Inatô”

This is the last and concluding part of “My Survivor Experience”. Palawan is known for its notable dishes to feed your cravings and hungry stomach. One of Palawan’s notable restaurants is “Haim Chicken Inato” in Puerto Princesa. Inatô means “Chicken natin ‘to” or “This is our Chicken” (in english). So, before heading to the airport […]

Wee Nam Kee

These are my new favorites: Cereal Prawns (4 pcs) at Php375.00 I love shrimp. I love cereal. Perfect combination! Roasted Chicken (all served with Rice and Chicken Soup) Serving choices: Personal Set – Php168.00 Small Quarter – Php168.00 (2 pax) Medium Half – Php488.00 (3-4 pax) Large Whole – Php888.00 (6-7 pax) Sweet and salty […]