KFC’s Cheese Top Burger

The very first time I saw KFC’s TVC of their Cheese Top Burger, I immediately called their hotline and had a few burgers delivered to my house. Contrary to what others are saying – that it’s messy to eat… It actually isn’t. But, in reality, this Cheese Top Burger is just that – a regular […]


We’ve always been a fan of Happy Lemon’s Coffee or Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese. I would crave for it even in the wee hours of the morning. Since Greenhills Shopping Center is not too far away from where we live, it’s quite convenient for us to just drive over and grab our favorite […]

Galileo Enoteca

Galileo Enoteca or when translated, “Italian Wine Library” opened its doors to the public last September 2005. It has that “hole-in-the-wall establishment” feel which, in a way, immediately endears it to you. The place is very rustic with banquet-styled wooden tables and wine bottles on every wall giving you that semblance of a cellar.  You […]

Happy Lemon

Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese was the 1st drink I ordered during my first visit to Happy Lemon at The Promenade, Greenhills.  I am not a Green Tea lover that’s why I didn’t appreciate this drink.  I thought I wouldn’t be coming back to this place anymore.  But when a friend suggested that […]