KFC’s Cheese Top Burger

The very first time I saw KFC’s TVC of their Cheese Top Burger, I immediately called their hotline and had a few burgers delivered to my house. Contrary to what others are saying – that it’s messy to eat… It actually isn’t. But, in reality, this Cheese Top Burger is just that – a regular […]

D’ Amburger

I’ve been craving for beef dishes and hamburgers for the past few days and I blame it all to my hormones (my monthly period)! So, last Monday night, even though it was way past dinner time already, I convinced my family to dine out so I can give in to my beef craving! We ended […]

BQ Bar + Bistro

If you happen to be along Jose Abad Santos Drive in the San Juan area, and you want to try the BQ Bar + Bistro Restaurant, be forewarned! Their Veggie Burger with Portabello and Shitake mushrooms with original BQ glaze and lots and lots of potato chips will disappoint you! My Php190.00 just went down […]