My 100 OREO Moments!

Finally! My AmbassadOREO entry (The Tummy Traveler’s 100 OREO Moments) for OREO’s 100th Birthday has been posted for everyone to see and enjoy. You can go straight to my 100 OREO Moments page by clicking here. Thank you to my family and to countless friends and loved ones who have helped me in capturing these […]

I want to be the Blogger AmbassadOREO!

I don’t like chocolate snacks but I adore Oreo. Does that make sense? I guess some things can never be explained. It’s just one of life’s greatest mysteries… Haha! My Oreo bag is almost empty! Uh oh!… — Aileen Dreyfus (@yendreyfus) July 23, 2012 Anyways, since we are on the topic of Oreo… I’d […]