Wolfgang’s Steakhouse opens at Resorts World Manila


Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, rated as one of the best steakhouses in New York, is finally open in Manila!

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Located at Resorts World Manila, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse’s opening has been much anticipated by many. Instead of traveling far and wide just to enjoy Wolfgang’s Steakhouse’s mouthwatering specialties, you can now savor their dishes right here in the Philippines.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is finally here at Resorts World Manila

First opened in Manhattan in 2004, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse now has nine branches in the United States, three in Japan and one in Seoul.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

The steakhouse is named after Wolfgang Zwiener, who opened his eponymous restaurant after having worked as head waiter at the legendary Peter Luger’s steakhouse in New York for more than 40 years. This was where he gained extensive experience on the dry aging process of USDA Prime quality beef, the high temperature broiling preparation process… and as they say, the rest is history.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse only uses USDA Prime Grade Black Angus beef. In fact they have their own Dry Aging Box that housed 12 tons of meat when we were there just a few weeks back.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse does not only serve quality and mouthwatering steaks, they have a variety of appetizers, salads, sides and desserts as well – choices that you will also see at their NY branch. They even have a vast selection of wines to partner with your steak.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

The appetizers at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse alone are absolutely delectable! Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (Php788.00), Tuna Tartar (Php598.00) and the must try Canadian Bacon (Php208.00/slice).

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

For some greens, I enjoyed this colorful Wolfgang’s Salad (Php438.00).

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

The combination of avocado slices and mixture of greens were truly a delight to the palate.

This Prawns and Pomelo Salad (Php488.00) is very refreshing, making it perfect for a hot summer day.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Poached shrimps, mixed greens, cilantro, mint, candied walnuts in Wolfgang’s very own Asian dressing.

Let us not forget the true stars of the night… Wolfgang’s Steakhouse’s incredible steaks!

USDA Prime Porterhouse (1kg for 2: Php4,498.00 / 1.5kg for 3: Php6,988.00 / 2kg for 4: Php8,998.00)

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

I prefer having my slice of meat taken from the section that’s close to the bone where it has more flavor. But I also tried the other slices of meat and it was delightfully just as good. Nice medium fat content and swimming in sizzling salted butter that’s just crazy good! If I was at home, I would’ve even smothered my rice with the melted salted butter!

USDA Ribeye (900g: Php3,498.00)

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

This is the best all-around cut and my default choice of steak. You know that you’re enjoying quality beef when the steak you’re having doesn’t need any sauce whatsoever. Fine-grained, tender, moist with a nice beefy, buttery flavor. A true Wolfgang’s Steakhouse winner however way you eat it.

Lamb Chops (300g: Php1,098.00 / 600g: Php1,998.00)

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

This broiled rack of lamb from Wolfgang’s Steakhouse was one of the tastiest lambs I have ever eaten. Beautifully cooked medium and with no gamey taste at all. It has a nice brown crusty surface that covers its juicy interior.

For non-meat eaters, indulge on this humongous lobster that was seemingly as big as my arm! I went crazy! Eat it boiled or steamed and squeeze some lemon on it. The freshness of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse’s lobster was just divine!

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

Partner your choice of mains with any of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse’s sides: Creamed Spinach, German Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Onion Rings or Sauteed Mushrooms.

After a very filling meal, we capped it off with some Apple Strudel (Php188).

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

A classic dessert that never goes out of style. Apple pieces enveloped in a crisp and flakey puff pastry and dusted with confectioners sugar and cinnamon partnered with a cup of hot coffee.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Resorts World Manila - RWM

If you are planning on having a romantic dinner with your loved one, setting up that much awaited engagement proposal or perhaps just wanting to treat yourself to a spectacular dinner after a hard day’s work, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is no doubt the place to be at!

With its excellent offerings, impeccable service, and astounding ambiance, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is the embodiment of true dining excellence.


With the President of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Peter Zwiener (center) who happens to be the son of Wolfgang Zwiener.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is under Sumosam Restaurants Concepts.

Contact Details

2/F Newport Mall,
Resort’s World Manila
Newport Boulevard,
Pasay City, Manila
T: +63 9208219247 / +63 9956102361
E: [email protected]
Instagram: @wolfgangsteakhouseph
Twitter: @wolfgangph

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