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Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea is the go-to place for people who want to enjoy great food with an amazing ambiance without the hefty price tag.

Restaurants have been popping up like mushrooms as of late but only a few really stand out among the crowd. Likewise, only a good handful of these establishments truly serve incredibly delicious meals that are still talked about even hours after eating.

One such place happens to be the newly opened Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea at Ayala Avenue in Makati City.

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea is an all-day dining restaurant that embodies the richness of flavors of the Mediterranean region. It brings to you a little bit of Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey and Morocco without ever leaving your seat.

The ambience is inspired by the 17th century Chinoiserie wave that was popular in Europe which can be felt the moment you enter the place.

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

From the wall artwork by muralist Alfred Galvez up to the fanciful accouterment, the mixture of Eastern and Western elements that make up this spacious and airy restaurant gives you an air of comfort and ease.

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea may have an upscale vibe just like the posh hotel that houses it, but you’ll be surprised to know that Restaurant Tapenade is actually a casual dining restaurant (Yes! You read it right.) and offers dishes that are unbelievably pocket-friendly. And with Chef Luis Chikiamco manning the kitchen under the watchful eye of Discovery Primea General Manager David Pardo de Ayala, who himself was an accomplished chef for almost two decades, you are assured of superb dishes!

A truly incredible experience at Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

Upon arrival, I was welcomed by the wonderful people of Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea with this lovely Welcome Drink prettily waiting in my spot!

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

A combination of lime and calamansi, garnished with edible flowers. A perfect drink for summer!

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea


Whipped Italian Ricotta (Php460.00)

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

Duo of Tapenade with edible flowers ready to be mixed and to be spread on freshly grilled Ciabatta. Take one bite and this appetizer will surely excite your palate.

Stone-Baked Feta (Php460.00)

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

Chunky Feta slices drowned with Greek Metaxa Brandy and honey with tomatoes and capers – a blend of sweetness and tanginess in every bite.

Stuffed Piquillo Peppers a la Plancha

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

These cute and sweet roasted peppers stuffed with goat cheese and baby basil is a refreshing change of flavor from the previous appetizers that were served. The sherry vinegar glaze added an interesting flavor combination of acidity and sweetness.


Greek Shrimp Rissoni (Php590.00)

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

This rice look-a-like is quite new to my palate. The rissoni had a delightful texture and the tomato & feta cheese gave off just the right acidity and saltiness. A very nice balance between the ingredients and the pasta. This can be served as a tasty side dish or a filling main course.

Pumpkin Agnolotti (Php420.00)

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

This pretty dish is made up of great contrasting flavors between sweetness and saltiness. Plus, the dish is deliciously buttery without being too heavy. Packed with Parmigiano-Reggiano, rosemary brown butter and the “to-die-for” crispy Prosciutto! A little crunch always works to give a dish some added character. The sweetness of the pumpkin and the saltiness of the prosciutto is crazily delicious! A must try during your visit to Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea.

Davao Goat Cheese Pizza (Php460.00)

I just love how you can taste the smokiness of the double-smoked bacon and the roasted garlic without each flavor overpowering the other. The Davao goat cheese on the other hand gives the dish a pleasantly clean taste making the entire pizza more enjoyable to eat. The slightly charred edges add a nice textural contrast, too.

Pizza “Tartufata” (Php690.00)

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

It had layers of Italian Guanciale that made the flavor of this pizza stand out while the black truffle added an earthy note to it. Break the perfectly cooked free-range egg on top and spread. It tempers the strong flavors of the other ingredients. The combination of savory and fresh ingredients are just divine!

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea boasts of their brick pizza oven that gives their pizzas that beautiful rustic look with a chewy middle and crisped-out edges.


Porcini Crusted US Angus Ribeye (Php2,800.00)

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

This is Restaurant Tapenade’s signature dish. Crusted with porcini mushrooms and a little bit of chili pepper to give it some zing, topped with arugula to add some peppery taste, generous amounts of Parmesan and cooked in the right doneness. The heart of the steak was brick red with a nice crust on the outside. It’s the kind of dish that I wish would never end!

Chicken Tagine (Php520.00)

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

The flavors of the spices used for the Moroccan sauce were evenly distributed and the citrus flavor from the lemon confit gives off the right amount of acidity to balance out the rich flavors. According to Chef Luis, the lemon has been cured, then they take out the pits, chop it up and add into the sauce to give the dish that distinct flavor. The chicken has been braised in the sauce together with onions and lots of aromatics. I happily enjoyed my fall-off-the-bone chicken piece with couscous. Upon serving, you can immediately smell the toasted spices placed at the bottom. Absolutely delicious, aromatic and beautiful! To give it a more authentic presentation, it was even served in a tagine.

Lamb Kebabs (Php620.00)

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

I am usually not a fan of lamb but the meat of this dish was so tender, flavorful and not gamey at all! Marinated in harissa paste for some heat and grilled together with the onions and bell peppers. Grilling the onion cuts off the bite and gives out its sweetness which added a nice touch to the entire dish when you eat it altogether. Squeeze some lemon on the skewered lambs, scoop a bit of the cucumber yogurt to temper the heat and some Orzo al Pesto which really goes well with it and… voila! A perfect bite every single time! You can either roll it in the pita wrapper that came with it or simply eat it as is.


Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea 

Bomboloni (Php290.00)

Do you still remember the classic “bicho-bicho” street food we all used to enjoy when we were young? If you do, this Italian donut or Bomboloni will remind you of it. The fluffy and moist Bomboloni is sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar instead of the granulated kind which is overall very nostalgic to me. It sits beautifully on top of a passion fruit crema. The tangy-sour-sweet-flavored cream that has somewhat the same peculiar taste of jackfruit goes well with the Tahitian Vanilla Gelato (which they make in-house). Don’t forget to dig into the sweet cherry compote for some added flavor. Every bite and every calorie was worth it! Another Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea must-try!

Gianduja Cake (Php290.00)

If you’re a Nutella fan and a proud chocolate lover, this dessert is for you! It has rich chocolate-hazelnut mousse, a rich moist cake in the middle and crunchy praline at the bottom. The salted caramel banana on the side helps in removing any cloying feel that you might have after a couple of bites.

Turkish Baklava (Php240.00)

A lighter version compared to other Turkish Baklava variations I’ve tasted before. It consists of chopped pistachios, walnuts, almonds, cardamom sugar, rose water and aromatic spices in phyllo pastry. You no longer have to travel to Turkey to enjoy a really great tasting baklava!


As a self confessed salad monster, I was delighted to learn that Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea has a Salad Room!

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

The Salad Room is nothing like any salad bar you’ve been to before! It has a selection of local and imported greens that would excite any vegetable-loving individual (like me)! Choose your preferred greens and the attendant would gladly pluck it out for you.

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

Select from an assortment of dressings, flavored oils, as well as a good selection of cold-cuts, cheese and bread. Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea’s Salad Room has everything you need to make your salad dining experience complete.

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

The Tapenade Salad Room features freshly shucked oysters and prosciutto di parma as well. What else can you ask for? It is open during lunch and dinner so, have at it! Head over to the Salad Room and create your deliciously healthy masterpiece! A must visit when you dine at Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea!

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

A spread this beautiful should naturally be partnered with these colorful Summer Fruit Sangrias.

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

To close a spectacular dinner, I capped it off with Moroccan Coffee.

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

The Moroccan Coffee was strong yet sweet. It had a nice flavorful aroma with a unique blend of delicious spices that I really enjoyed. Just by sipping and looking at the lovely set, I could somehow feel Morocco’s rich culture coming to life.

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea

From the food, quality of service down to the interiors, Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea doesn’t disappoint at all. I don’t recall enjoying Mediterranean dishes as much as I have at Tapenade.

If you haven’t been to Restaurant Tapenade yet or if you’re not familiar as to where the establishment is located, just look for the newly opened Discovery Primea. It is the towering building along Ayala Avenue in Makati. You can’t miss it!

The Discovery Leisure Company unveils Discovery Primea, its newest luxury hotel property for the corporate and leisure travelers. A soaring 68-storey structure towering along Ayala Avenue’s prime apartment ridge is home to 141 rooms and suites, together with 90 luxury serviced apartments offering breathtaking vistas of Manila’s skyline.

Contact Details

Restaurant Tapenade is located at the G/F of Discovery Primea
6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

T: +63 2 955-8888

Twitter: @PrimeaMakati

Instagram: @discoveryprimea

TripAdvisor: Discovery Primea, Tapenade, The Gilarmi Lounge

Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea is the go-to place for people who want to enjoy great food with an amazing ambiance without the hefty price tag.


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