Travel and food.

Two things that almost always go together.

For Filipinos, no place is too near or too far as long as a scrumptious meal awaits… and I am not exempt to that fact.

The Philippines is a wonderful place filled with sights that will fill you with awe and amazement… and with each destination, dishes that are deliciously unique, influenced by culturally-diverse palettes are pleasantly discovered.

Perhaps my passion to travel and the desire to see new things has inspired me to finish a degree in Tourism. Similarly, growing up in a household with grandparents dedicated to perfecting home-cooked, nostalgic dishes, honed my skills in the kitchen.

Who doesn’t love to eat? Who doesn’t want to feast not just on food, but also on wondrous sights and astonishingly new places?

Allow me, through this food and travel blog, to help navigate you in and around the metropolis and beyond… exploring notable tourist spots and undiscovered locations alike. Join me as I indulge in popular cuisine specialties and bravely seek unusual delicacies.

I am “The Tummy Traveler”… and I will be your guide.

Ready? Let’s go.

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About Yen Dreyfus

The Tummy Traveler is Yen Dreyfus. She is a Tourism Graduate who loves to explore new places and travel to destinations both popular and undiscovered. A simple hotel stay in the metro can get her just as excited as heading off to some exotic getaway far from the city.